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500 Clown is a cornerstone of the Chicago physical theater community with a vibrant, national presence.  In 500 Clown Trapped!, three eager and under-skilled musicians excitedly present their musical spectacular only to find their stage set up completely replaced by a white, sand-box like behemoth.  In a whirlwind of blame, trap doors and Keaton-esque turns, the three characters end up stripped to their underwear trapped suddenly in clown jail.  Only through facing their own grudges and peril - diving into momentous, collaborative imagination, tireless physical play, and acrobatic pole-climbing - are they able to finally free themselves.  The hour-long work was devised by the ensemble under the direction of Paola Coleto, with help from Tom Arvetis, and is delightedly presented to school groups and family-friendly audiences across the country.

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