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some words

Here is a rough draft of some things I'd like to write about myself:

Tim Heck (look! third person!) is a curious physical performer with a background in contemporary dance, acting, choreography, teaching, and clown.  Since graduating with a degree in theater and dance, he has been continually working as a performer, often in more than one project at a time pursuing questions of dance and theater and audience experience.

Or maybe I'd lean towards writing something like:

I (let's stick with first person) believe in joy that wins.  I believe in the eye-widening and life-breathing Unexpected.  I believe in the intelligence and vibrancy of the physical self.  I believe in play, grace, listening, and quiet.  And laughter.  And unknowing.  And communication in all its risk and splendor.  And humility.  And solace.  And joy.

Maybe.  Maybe I'll come up with something totally other when I finally set down to do that final edit.  

This is a picture of me looking at the mountains from a school bus while on tour with Mucca Pazza in Colorado.  A happy place.

I hope your day has had at least one quiet smile so far.

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